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the gallerist

August 21, 2016
the gallerist


We just finished this short film about the gallerist Carson Lancaster who lives in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco.
I met Carson 2,5 years ago visiting another friend from SF and immediately felt like I had to go back and do a piece about his gallery. I went back to film him this in February.


Here’s a short resume of the film

Considering the current tech spiral that is being inflicted upon the city of San Francisco, one space Book and Job Gallery, headed by Carson Lancaster represents the former SF; the dark undercurrent, the repellant, erratic, mysterious, elements of San Francisco that are slowly dying.



Motion design and vfx: Kolja Kolja Kristian Pedersen

Original Score: Frederik Sass Meyer

Audio post: Torsten Frøstrup

Big respect and thanks to:

Reid Stanley
Jan Wayne Swayze
Brenton Cooper
Travis Jensen
Christian Juul Mikkelsen
Jacob Bitsch
Party of the Third Part
Betina Brogaard
Christoffer Lunøe
Austen Zombres
Joe Aguirre

Filmed with Sony fs7 + Leica M glass