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Shoot large

December 4, 2014


Shooting larger scale negatives has been one of my goals since last year. I’ve been shooting 120 mm. Mama 7ii for a couple of years now, but earlier this year I bought a 4×5 Linhof Technica from “One of many cameras” in Copenhagen. Also this year I bought from them a jobo ATL 1500 developer machine.
I can now develop b/w and color negatives negatives up to 4×5. It’s been a huge step for me. I save a lot of money, cause the machine use a very small amount of fluids compared to regular developing methods. It saves me time and the results are stunning.


In this post I will show you some of the photos. See if you can tell the difference between 120 and 4×5. One more thing! See the photos on a big screen. The photos a very compressed to be able to load on the website, but with a smartphone you can’t see all the details.